White Oak Farmhouse
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Our Story

Where It All Began

We have remodeled seven houses in our 25 years of marriage.  Each one had its challenges and lessons, but oh, what a fun ride it has been.  Each experience made us better at the next house, gave me more confidence, and made me more willing to try new things in design.  It is our wish that we encourage you to do the same.  Get out on that skinny design branch and try something that you love on Pinterest.  If you need help or encouragement, let us know, we are here to help.

I love Interior Design.  For me, it’s a passion.

I haven’t always been good at it, but I’ve always loved the process—the journey of discovering what I love and bringing those things together in a beautiful way.  Making our house warm and cozy for my family gives me pleasure.  Ensure that everyone’s things have a place and that they can find it when they need it.  It makes me happy and calm.  I get so excited about each new project that there are times I can’t even sleep.

So it is my dream that I can help others along the way to realize their design dreams.  

Whether that’s through finding inspiration from my blog posts or working with you one on one.   I’m truly honored that you want to share your journey with me!


Some Before And After Projects

Shopping my Modern Farmhouse
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Bennington Lane Kitchen
Tour Out modern farmhouse
Tour the cottage
Bennington Lane Cottage