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Looking for a little Modern Farmhouse bathroom design inspiration for your upcoming remodel?  You are in the right place!

Since I’m in the process of planning my own master bathroom renovation I thought it would be helpful to start pulling together Modern Farmhouse bathroom inspiration.

With bathrooms, there are just so many aspects to think about and it helps me to think about them and how they work together prior to starting the demo to make sure I’m not missing anything.

So…let’s dive right in, shall we?

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Inspiration

Let’s start our journey with exactly what Modern Farmhouse bathroom design entails.

Remember Modern Farmhouse blends rustic, and antique items from farmhouse style with clean lines of the modern style.

It doesn’t matter which items you do in which style just that it is a blend of the two.

We also want to make sure we are using a calming neutral color scheme.  A mix of black and white is always a good base.  Then mix in some hints of beige or browns, which are coming back right now with a vengeance.   Or a small pop of natural color like green or rust.

Once you choose a color scheme you are ready to start looking at vanities, flooring, etc.


We are gonna break down each component of our Modern Farmhouse Bathroom design starting with flooring.

There are several different directions you can go with flooring.   LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile), ceramic tiles, and cement tiles just to name a few.  Even within these products, there are many different styles.  I’m going to point out the ones I feel best lend themselves to Modern Farmhouse Bathroom inspiration.  But as long as you stay neutral in color there are a million choices.

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Inspiration

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Cement tiles

I absolutely love the look and the many different beautiful designs and styles you have to choose from with cement tiles.  Whether you use them just on the floors, on one accent wall behind your vanity, or as a feature strip through your otherwise solid shower.  Patterened cement tiles add an undeniable character to your bathroom.

Here are the pros and cons of this product:

Pros –

  • incredibly durable
  • easy to clean
  • there are tons of designs to choose from
  • environmentally-friendly
  • your can heat them

Cons –

  • you may have to reinforce your floors because of their weight
  • they will patina over time – part of the charm
  • thicker than other tiles
  • porous and can stain
  • can be cold if not heated
  • expensive

Porcelain Tile

There are a million different styles, colors, and textures of porcelain tile.  This makes it the number one selling bathroom tile out there.  If you want a wood look and don’t like LVT – wood look Porcelain is the way to go.  I’m not brave enough to put hardwood in my bathrooms.  It’s sure to be a disaster.  lol

Here are the Pros and Cons of Porcelain tile:

Pros –

  • extremely durable
  • many color and style options
  • looks great
  • highly water-resistant

Cons –

  • expensive




Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Inspiration

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Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Inspiration

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Luxury Vinyl Tile

Luxury Vinyl Tile or LVT as it’s widely known has come a long way in recent years.

In the past, I would never have even looked at LVT for my home, but this past fall I started remodeling my basement, which includes a full bath, my laundry room, and my office.

My cousin talked me into taking a look at it.  He owns a floor covering business and always keeps me in tune with what the best products are for the project I’m working on.

Since this was a basement with two rooms that could have water leaks it made sense to do LVT.


Boy am I glad I did!  It is really a beautiful product and it cost significantly less than tile or hardwood.  The great this is it matches my white oak hardwoods upstairs almost exactly.

I’m the only one that could tell.  Plus I don’t have to worry if we have a water leak.  It’s also waterproof. Win!

Here are the Pros and Cons of Luxury Vinyl Flooring:

Pros –

  • Durable
  • affordable
  • easy to install, replace or repair
  • DIY friendly
  • waterproof

Cons –

  • styles change about every 5 years so make sure that you get as timeless style as possible
  • doesn’t look or feel authentic as wood or tile. (but it’s really close)

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile comes in as many different colors, styles, and textures as porcelain tile but it can be much less expensive.  I love this hex tile and I’m thinking about going dark and moody in my master bath either on the wall behind my vanity or on the floors.  This dark color gives a room a modern look.

Pros and Cons of Ceramic Tile:

Pros –

  • inexpensive
  • durable
  • many design options
  • impervious to water and stains
  • non-allergenic

Cons –

  • can be cold
  • not as DIY friendly
  • hard to walk on
  • heavy so you made need to reinforce your subfloors
Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Inspiration

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Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Inspiration

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Marble Stone Tile

Stone tile can add a timeless elegance to your bathroom.  If you are wanting something that you don’t have to worry about going out of style in a few years stone could be for you. There are basically 5 different kinds of stone tile – marble, granite, slate, travertine, and engineered stone.  I’m going to focus on marble since I think it’s timeless and beautiful and looks great in a Modern Farmhouse bathroom.

Pros and Cons of Marble Stone Tile:


  • amazing patterns
  • beautiful colors
  • unique – no two tiles are the same


  • can quickly show stains
  • may wear down from use



Now that we have beautiful floors picked out for our Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Design let’s move on to our next design element – Lighting.

Lighting is an important element to any room in your house.  Whether you are doing ambient lighting, task lighting, etc., having the correct lighting is essential.

When it comes to bathrooms it can be even more important especially if you will be applying make-up in this bathroom.  Too little lighting and you won’t be able to see what you are doing and too much lighting or poorly placed lighting can cause glare issues.

There are two measures to remember when choosing light fixtures.

  1. CRI (color rendering index) – you want a fixture with a high CRI 90+ because it most accurately renders colors.  Incandescent and halogen have the best CRI.
  2. Color Temperature – select fixtures with warm color temperatures between 2700K – 3000K.  These warm temperatures tend to be more flattering.
  • start with vanity or bath bar lighting around your vanity mirror or medicine cabinet.
  • 36 -48 inch lengths are best for vanity lighting
  • If you have sconces on each side of your mirror, the center of the fixture should be 60″ high and 28″ apart.
  • If you are doing a bath bar above the mirror, it should be mounted 78″ high

Layered Lighting Plan

Because you need a lot of light in a bathroom, make sure to have a layered lighting plan.

  1. vanity/bath light for task lighting
  2. downlight mounted above the sink approximately 12″ from the wall for general illumination
  3. Water-proof lighting in your shower




Choosing Light Fixtures

Now that we know what kind of lighting plan we need it’s time to choose the fixtures that we will use.

When I’m trying to balance out the styles of both modern and farmhouse I often go with more farmhouse style light fixtures.   But it’s really up to you.  Just make sure that there is a healthy blend of both styles and you are good.

I’m going to give you examples of both style fixtures you so have a reference when choosing your lighting.  Of course, if you need help and would like my opinion, feel free to shoot me a message.

Farmhouse Lighting Examples

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Inspiration

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Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Inspiration

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Modern Lighting Examples

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Inspiration

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Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Inspiration

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When choosing your vanity, again you have the choice of using modern or farmhouse style.

On this particular component of my modern Farmhouse bathroom design,  I like to use a modern-style vanity.  Feel free to use either style for your design but when mixing these two styles I find it easier to find lighting and vanities in modern style.

You also want to make sure that you are layering textures and colors.  For instance, if you are doing a dark and moody tile accent wall behind your vanity,  you will want to use a light wood or paint color on your vanity so that it stands out.

Here are some of my favorite Mid-Century Modern bathroom vanities.

modern Farmhouse Bathroom inspiration

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Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Inspiration

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Some examples of farmhouse vanities that I love

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Inspiration

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Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Vanity

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One of the things I’m most excited about when I start my master bath renovation is the shower.

Right now I have a tub with a tile surround from 1974 and while it is in pretty good shape, it still looks like 1974.  lol

This bath and my master bedroom are the last rooms in this house to remodel and we will be finished with this house!!  I can’t believe it!  Because I want to make sure that it is special when finished I’m saving the best till last.

So what materials should you use in your modern Farmhouse master bath shower?

If you are on a tight budget there are some really cool shower surrounds now that look like tile.  Like this one from Home Depot.

I love the shelf that goes all the way across the back of the shower.  You can never have too much storage in a shower.


Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Design

The other alternative would be of course tile.  

I’m not going to go through all the different tiles again as you have the kinds above but what I will do is give you some inspiration.

I love white so of course, I’ll start with that.

White brings so much light into a bathroom and I feel like it’s easier to clean.

This is such a classic shower it will never go out of style.  Considering how much it costs to tile a shower or floor classic is good.

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Design

There are tons of ways to make your shower beautiful so here is lots of inspiration.

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Design Inspiration
Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Design Inspiration
Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Design Inspiration
Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Design Inspiration
Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Design Inspiration


Now for a couple of beautiful tubs.

Whether you choose a clawfoot tub or a sleek modern tub is up to you.  That’s the fun of Modern Farmhouse-you get to mix it up.

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Design Inspiration
Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Design Inspiration
Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Design Inspiration
Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Design Inspiration


I’m a sucker for a beautiful faucet.  While I love both modern and Farmhouse versions, lately I’ve been leaning more towards modern styles.

I just love clean lines and matt finishes.

I’m sharing both styles so you can make up your own mind about what speaks to you.

Isn’t this gold faucet a beauty!  

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Design Inspiration

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Bathroom Accessories

There are a ton of Modern Farmhouse bathroom accessories out there.  Styling is my favorite part of designing a room.  I love a black and white room and these accessories make a great modern farmhouse statement. 

You can also mix in silver and gold metals.  I love to mix metals for a more eclectic look.

I hope that this post has helped give you the inspiration you need to create the Modern Farmhouse Bathroom that you have been dreaming of.

If you need extra Modern Farmhouse inspiration for the rest of your house be sure to check out my Ultimate Guide – to Modern Farmhouse Style.

Thanks for stopping by and supporting my little business.