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Hi friends!  

Do you love the look of Modern Farmhouse kitchen open shelving?  

I love the contrast of my black shelving with my white shiplap walls.  

It can a great way to show off your beautiful collection of pottery and make it quick and easy to find what you looking for.  

Open shelving screams Modern Farmhouse Kitchen.    

Great as they are you probably already know …they are EXPENSIVE!

Why Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Opening Shelving?

When I was doing research for my Modern Farmhouse Kitchen,  I knew I wanted open shelving instead of upper cabinets.  

If you are trying to do the Modern Farmhouse look you just can’t beat the clean modern feel of black metal shelving.  

Of course, tons of people kept telling me that I wouldn’t like them because I’d have to keep them neat.  

Because of that,  I wanted to be realistic about that and I knew they were right so I planned my kitchen out so that I could stash everything that wouldn’t look pretty in my pantry on my lower cabinets.

I had my heart set on black metal open shelving and then I started looking into where and how I was going to get them.  

I couldn’t find the exact style I was looking for anywhere.  

So I finally looked into a metal fabricator.  


They were soooo expensive!!  

There was no way they were going to fit into my kitchen budget.  

I was bummed!

HOW I SOLVED MY Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Shelving PROBLEM

If you know me you know that once I get something in my head I’ll do whatever it takes to find it.  

So I started doing research and racking my brain for how I could get metal open shelving without spending an arm and a leg.

While looking I stumbled on some photos of bookcases that had a similar look to what I was looking for.  

That’s when I realized that was my answer!  

I just need to find a metal bookcase that was small enough to fit between my cabinets and my countertop and the width I needed to fill the space I had for upper cabinets.  

Below are some examples of the bookcases I found.

Examples of the Bookcases I Found

Click Here for the Above Bookcase at Amazon.com

Click Here for the Above Bookcase at Amazon.com

Click Here for the Above Bookcase at Amazon.com

After a ton of measuring and research, I ended up using the top example.  

I got the bookcases for $146.99 each and we bought some large washers and bolts to mount them to the wall with.  

We were a little worried that you would be able to tell that they were bookcases at first but once the first one was on the wall I was IN LOVE!!!!  

Plus the shelves themselves are made of a laminated wood that looks old so they are so easy to clean.  

I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out.  

Check out my full Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Reveal here.

What do you think?  

Are there other hacks that you have come up with to get the Modern Farmhouse Kitchen look for less?  

Message me and let me know.  

I’d love to hear about them.  I’m always looking for inexpensive ways to get the Modern Farmhouse look.

Have a great weekend!

Take care!