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What gives a living room that Modern Farmhouse style?

What pieces come together to give your living room that warm, cozy, clean and relaxed vibe that is so prevalent in Modern Farmhouse decor?  

In this post, I will be taking you on a tour of my own Modern Farmhouse living room so you can be inspired to create your own cozy living room or den in your home.

Let’s do this!


What Makes a Modern Farmhouse style living room?

Let's start with some of the attributes of Modern Farmhouse style:

  • Simple but not too bare.  
  • It has a unique mix of antique/vintage pieces with modern or industrial that gives each room balance.  
  • With mostly neutral colors as the background, you will use texture to give the room interest.  The mixture of a leather or linen sofa, rustic wood tables with metal accents will keep the all-neutral color scheme from getting boring.  
  • The cool thing about Modern Farmhouse and what I think makes it so popular is that you can add your own spin on it to give your rooms a unique feel.  Add some Boho Chic to give it a California relaxed feel.  See how I added a bit of Boho style to my entry here.

For a more detailed summary of what it takes to pull off Modern Farmhouse Style in total check out my post here.


Just to give you an idea of what this room looked like before and a better feel for the dimensions.

How we got the Modern Farmhouse feel in our Living Room


Our 1970’s living room is large and open with huge windows for lots of bright light which is a key component to Modern Farmhouse style.   Like most of our house, we gave it a fresh coat of white paint and white oak hardwood floors as a backdrop.

Add the key components

Can you see each of the components of Modern Farmhouse Living Room Design as you look around this room? Think back to the above description –

  • Rustic pieces √
  • Neutral color scheme √
  • Lots of texture to give the room interest √
  • Metal √
  • Mid-Century Furniture mixed in √
  • Pillows and Drapes with a Boho Vibe √

Mix in pieces that you love

I love the mixture of antique/rustic with mid-century when styling for Modern Farmhouse.  After weeks of research, I decided to go with leather mid-century sofas from Article.  It got great reviews and certainly lived up to the hype.  They are soft and buttery leather with great mid-century styling.  After sitting on them for a year now, I’m happy to say we still love them.

Since this room is large I had room for this incredible rustic table.  Can you say Modern Farmhouse Dreamy!  I drug this thing back from North Carolina.  Kay and I were there on a buying trip and it was love at first sight!  Swoon!  


Reimagine pieces you already have

I only moved two pieces from our old house to this one and they are both in this shot.  My favorite IKEA chair and ottoman.  I love sitting in this chair because you sit at a great angle.  So comfy I couldn’t give it up.  The piece that our TV sits on came from my shop.  My husband actually picked it out to go in his man cave at our old house but it suits this room perfectly.  I’m not necessarily in love with our coffee table but the size works well in this room with the two sofas so I’m working with it for now.  I ordered it from Houzz.  It does give this room it’s dose of metal so Modern Farmhouse Design win!


Add some life with plants

I’ve become a crazy plant lady since moving into this house.  It was one of the things that I always wanted to do but could never find the time to master.  I’m so proud of the fact that this room is full of thriving, beautiful plants.  This also gives this room a punch of Boho Chic style and gives this room life.   Yeah, Christy!

when all else fails…paint it white

The final view if this room is my fireplace and bookcase wall.  I’m sure you will agree that this photo screams Modern Farmhouse.  Let’s break it down –

  • white painted brick fireplace
  • rustic reclaimed mantel
  • bits of black metal here and there
  • lots of texture
  • plants

I think we got it all!


I hope you’ve enjoyed this little lesson in Modern Farmhouse Living Room Design.  Make sure to message me with any questions or comments.  I’d love to help you any way I can.

Take Care!